Royal Ascot – A Horses Tale

Royal Ascot – A Horses Tale

flat season for Ascot begins this year on Wednesday 1st May and in a
bold move the seven-race card day has been renamed the Ascot Trials Day
(formerly Sagaro Stakes Day) giving the meeting a much increased focus leading
into the Royal Ascot meeting in mid-June.

Director of Racing and Communications at Ascot had this to say about the
impending event:

“We’re really excited about developing our first flat meeting of the season in to a Royal Ascot Trials Day. This will be a high quality day of racing which will attract current and future stars of the turf and it will be a definite enhancement for horsemen, racegoers, sponsors and partners. There will be huge potential for the day to experience growth in the future and we are especially hopeful that the new Royal Ascot Two-Year old Trial will prove popular ahead of Royal Ascot in June”

the races on the card on Royal Ascot Trials Day will point form towards the
biggest days of racing throughout the Royal Ascot meeting with entrants in the
Group 3 Longines Sagaro Stakes being an early season contest for the Ascot Gold
Cup. This race has been won by Estimate and Colour Vision in recent years both
of whom went on to win the prestigious Gold Cup.

for connections, the opening race on the card, which is the dedicated Royal
Ascot Two-Year-Old Trial, will be free to enter making this event especially
attractive to owners and trainers alike. The winner of the race will then
receive complimentary entry to one of the two-year-old races during Royal Ascot
highlighting the race as an important early season indicator for two-year-olds
at Royal Ascot.

from the announcement and newest of pre-Royal Ascot focused race-days, there
have also been a couple of changes to Ascots early program of flat racing with
the addition of an EXTRA race to both days of the May Racing Weekend making
each race-card now be seven races long. There has also been some race
scheduling changes put into effect to make the May meetings more attractive for
the ITV viewing public. The most notable move is the Group 3 Jersey Stakes now
being scheduled as the second race run on the Ascot May Saturday meeting giving
it prime TV viewing time. The Jersey is a race definitely growing in
popularity, interest and prestige so this befits the move to that timeslot.

there are some exciting times ahead for Ascot Racing through the early part of
the flat racing season in May and racegoers, connections and all involved will
likely reap the benefits of these scheduling changes and revamped races leading
into the Royal
Ascot meeting in June.

are many ways to enjoy Royal Ascot to the fullest and one of the best ways to
enjoy the Regal Race Carnival is to experience a Royal Ascot
Hospitality Package from one of the official Ascot
ticketing suppliers.

the horses and enjoy your racing!

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How To Install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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How To Install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Plex is a free and open source media server that can be used to store all your movies, shows, and other media in one place. Plex allows you to remotely stream those media libraries from any device like smart TV, web browser, Xbox One, PlayStation, and Apple TV.

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Linux C Programming Tutorial Part 13 – Bitwise Operators (Basics)

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Linux C Programming Tutorial Part 13 – Bitwise Operators (Basics)
Up until now in this ongoing C programming tutorial series, we have discussed multiple kinds of operators, like arithmetic, logical, relational, and assignment. However, there’s another kind of operators that are very integral to the C programming language. We are talking about bitwise operators.

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Tools For Updating Your Pricing Strategy

Tools For Updating Your Pricing Strategy

you are running a retail organization and facing lots of problems while analyzing
the strategy behind pricing, then Intelligence node helps you in adjusting your
price based on your competitors using a single dashboard application.

Uses of their applications:

Here we can see the uses of the applications developed by Intelligence Node for solving the problem of price optimization.

  • They build the world’s
    largest and cleanest retail database through which we can adjust our retail
    business pricing easily.
  • The business dashboards
    manufactured by them are easy to use.
  • Their solutions help to
    increase the growth of your retail business with data-backed and AI-led price

are the benefits we can get by using the business software solutions by Intelligence

Steps to adjust your organization’s pricing:

this topic, we can see the steps you need to follow to solve the problem of
higher pricing or pricing too for your retail business organization.

  1. Ensure whether your price
    is correct:
    you need to make sure that the
    pricing of the products in your shop don’t disappoint your customers. You can
    real-time market pricing through the In competitor tool developed by this
    Company Intelligence node.
  2. The
    features of this In competitor tool are real-time competitive intelligence,
    optimize pricing, and makes automatic benchmarking facilities.
  3. Pricing Strategy:
    The price you are fixing should be on the average of $ 80. So that your
    customers will not face any pricing too issue.
  4. Nail your pricing:
    This is the most important step because here only you are going to assign the
    pricing to your products. The pricing intelligence data available in this
    dashboard helps to analyze the price to increase the revenue. The various
    important things you need to know before using the tool for price optimization

You should keenly note the pricing of
your competitors.

  • Then
    you need to set your price strategy using the decision support SaaS platform
    available in this software solution. The conditions you need to know before
    setting the price are:
  • Your pricing should be
    less than your competitor.
  • Your pricing should match
    the cheapest product pricing in the market.
  • After that price
    optimization should be done based on the profit margin.
  • Then you should adjust
    the price based on the IN price engine.
  • Then analyze the price
    adjustment that you have done is correct.
  • After
    completing the above steps, finally, update your store software using the
    software without human intervention. The various software used for solving retail
    business activities is ERP, SAP, Magento,
    and so on.

are the steps you need to follow to reduce the pricing of your retail business.
By using this smart solution for your business financial activities you can
increase your revenue, makes to analyze your pricing strategy easily, and
finally reduces your effort of pricing. Therefore, make use of these tools for
reducing your pricing strategy and increase the growth of the organization.

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4 Steps to Buying a New Car

4 Steps to Buying a New Car

Buying a car is a big deal! For most of us,
outside of possibly a house, a car is one of the biggest ticket purchases we
will make in our lifetime. When making this purchase there is so much to
consider. From the brand to the size, to how it looks, to what’s under the
hood, the choices can seem endless. With all the things you have to think about
when you set out to buy a new or used car the task can quickly become daunting
and overwhelming. The good news is, there are a few simple things to think
about that can make your decision easier. If you consider the following four
things the next time you go car shopping, your experience should be a lot more

1. What is my car for?

This may seem like an easy question but
it’s one that people don’t ask themselves enough. When considering a new car
most people get caught up in the type of car they want in terms of style, or
brand name or performance. If you want to be happy with your car purchase long
term though, you need to think about what you really use your car for. Is it
primarily for commuting by yourself? Do you take long trips in it? Will you be
transporting a number of little people in it and all their things?
Understanding your lifestyle and how a car will fit in it is of the utmost
importance when buying a car. Answering these questions will lead you to narrow
down the functions and features you really need in a car. If it’s for a daily
trip to a stressful job, you should focus on comfort. If you’ll be going long
distances then gas mileage will be of the utmost importance. If it’s for your
family, focus on space… and maybe captain’s chairs so your kids won’t spend the
whole trip to Grandma’s hitting each other with their toys!

2. Do your research

Once you’ve focused in on the features or set of features you’ll want in your new car, it’s time to hit the internet. You’ll want to start by looking at what each car brand offers in the type of model you want. Most car companies have basically, the same classes of offerings across their portfolio. Decide on 3-4 brands you’re interested in and see what they offer in the type of vehicle you’re looking for.  Each company will have a comparable vehicle in the style you’re looking for. Once you identify what those cars are you can start doing a side by side comparison. This is when you can really dig into the important part of car buying. Once you’ve identified comparable cars you can start judging them on price, performance, and style. Make sure before you walk into your first car dealership you’ve done the pre-work of online comparison shopping. Even if you know you’re buying a car from a certain dealership, doing research ahead of time will allow you to ask better questions and give you more leverage when negotiating price.

3. How reliable is this car?

The auto repair industry is a 63 billion
dollar a year industry. The fact is, even the best cars in the world will
require regular maintenance and, at least the occasional fix of something that
breaks. You need to make sure the car your buying will be a vehicle you can
rely on and won’t leave you stranded when you need it most. That’s where the
two categories above come in. When you understand what you need the car for and
compare cars from different brands, you’ll be making sure the car you buy will
work for your specific situation. On top of that, there are things you can do
ease some of the money burdens that comes with car repair. Almost all new and
certified used cars come with some type of warranty and there are usually other
types of warranties you can add on to that, either through the car company or
the dealership. Make sure when you’re negotiating you ask what warranties are
available and what additional costs are associated. Also, make sure you
understand exactly what is covered and what is not under each warranty. Just
because you have a “warranty” doesn’t mean everything you think should e
covered is covered.   Lastly, in the
negotiation process make sure you ask about any other free service packages the
dealer offers. Some dealers will throw in free preventative maintenance
services to sweeten the deal. These services can include things like free oil
changes, tire rotations or complimentary service calls at specific mileage

4. Remember, it’s your car!

This is the most important thing to
remember in your car buying process. As I mentioned, buying this car is going
to be one of the bigger purchases you make in your lifetime and hopefully if
all goes well, you’ll have this car in your life for a good, long time. Keeping
this in mind, the most important thing is to make sure the car makes you happy.
If spending too much will make you upset, lose a feature or two and get a good
deal. If not having the stereo or the remote starter you want will always nag
at you, pay the extra to get what you want. If the color you want is only
available in a certain brand, make your final decision that way. The truth is,
all the minor decisions and stresses of buying a car are small compared to the
happiness and peace of mind you’ll have for years to come if you love your car.
Don’t forget that this is your (or you and your spouse, or you and your
family’s) car and if the people who own the car love the car, the whole thing
will have been worth it.

So, the next time you’re buying a car remember these four things. It will simplify the process and allow you to think more clearly as you go through the process. With these little tricks, your next car buying experience should be better and easier on all involved.

Thanks to Autoankauf Frankfurt am Main

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5 Suits to Buy to Update Your Business Wardrobe

5 Suits to Buy to Update Your Business Wardrobe

wardrobe of a man is always incomplete without suits. Men’s suits have always
enjoyed immense reputation and popularity around the world. Men’s suits always
show professionalism and distinctiveness and are also worn as a statement of
style suits can be worn for different occasions. There are different types of
men’s suits available in different styles and patterns.

dinner suit is the first suit worn, among all the costumes these days. It
presents itself as an alternative to dress coats in the same way as the day
dress. The costume can also be integrated into a suit in black tie.

Business suit is the second type of men’s suit available. It is especially
preferred by businessmen as a salon suit. When you go to a conference, to
meetings, or to any other professional activity, the costume is considered to
be the best fit for men. A range of choices are available in different styles,
colors and fabrics in costumes.

suits are the next type of costume available in the range of men’s suits.
Special occasions such as a ceremony, a wedding party, etc. are the times when
these costumes are worn. In turn, they provide esteem on special occasions. A
fusion of rare fabrics and classic styles with an elegant twist will describe
these costumes. Designer costumes are another type of costume for men. They are
said to be one of the most favorable choices of everyone. These costumes can
sometimes be quite difficult to buy. As fashion changes, these costumes also
change from year to year. Designer costumes can be found in different styles,
materials and colors.

suits are also available. They usually consist of three pieces: the pants, the
jacket and the vest. They are traditionally composed of the same two materials,
wool or polyester and can be found in different colors and patterns. There are
even church costumes, dress suits, Italian costumes and contemporary costumes
and the list of men’s suits is endless and it goes on and on. Men’s suits are
available on the market for almost any occasion.

online suit store is the best place to buy a suit if you are looking for one.
You can check a wide variety of men’s suits in popular colors such as navy
blue, black, anthracite gray, etc. sewn by major brands, in these online
stores. You can find the perfect costumes at affordable prices in these online
costume shops, whether it’s a business suit or a wedding suit.

options are available today on the type of costume that you should buy when it
comes to men’s formal wear. You can revisit a few types of men’s suits,
focusing primarily on the variations of the buttoned coat version, to avoid


suit mainly consists of pants, a matching coat, a shirt and a tiethe number of
buttons on the jacket are two or three as the case may be. The tiny lines that
descend vertically along the material are used to define this combination. The
material is usually darker than the band.


like a typical button-up combination, the same cut and fabric are used in this
combination. The combination is decorated with glass patterns to add depth and
contrast to the threads rather than scratches, which is the only difference.

Solid Suits

you choose a glossy color outside of standard brown, black, or gray, plain
color combinations, solid suits are definitely a break from the norm. These
costumes can be found in brown, blue and even bright colors such as orange.


linen suit is quite fashionable, comfortable and accessible thanks to the
designers of Italian clothing. Flax has been incredibly comfortable, almost
like wearing thin sheets, which also gives the many colors and patterns, the
variations being very good with the costume. These costumes are primarily
associated with a more relaxed vacation feel and are lighter in color. Beige is
one of those colors.


tuxedo offers, by its nature, enough variations to suit any physique and is
used for special missions. A tuxedo is worn with a belt and is usually defined
by the tails that extend the length of the back of the jacket.

will feel good immediately as soon as you wear a suit. The costume is one of
the most classic and essential pieces of every man’s wardrobe.


you’re going to be making a trip to Thailand then you are guaranteed of well
known favorite goods at rock-bottom prices. And one of the common items that
come to mind is a nice fashionable suit.

you’re going to make the most of the Northern mountain ranges, I’d suggest you
to buy a pair of suits from a reputable Chiang Mai tailor.

Mai was once the cultural secret of Thailand. It’s known to many as Thailand’s
Number one cultural center, and though it is growing in popularity, it still
lies off the beaten track.While to most Thais, Chiang Mai is the epitome of
everything the country stands for, to foreigners it is truly a shopper’s
paradise. The city is one of the world’s largest trading centers, where it has
a reputation as a shopping mecca to this day.

this history, Chiang Mai is well known for the art of craftsmanship, and the
great skills of the Chiang Mai are no different. If you find the right shop,
you can find them in the world.

the time to get in and get fitted, it is well worth it.

all of Chiang Mai’s tailors are the same, however. One thing you will be aware
of in the future is that the country is over-flowing with tailors, just with
competitors in every industry. On Khao San Road, they swarm you in the street.
“Follow, sir?” Sir? the indian men holler at every step, as if you
are wearing a sandals while sporting a 3-day beard growth.

to Chiang Mai tailor worth their salt in the expat community, just like the
tailors of old. Ask around. If you know some Thais who have the kind of money
to wear suits, asking them for a referral is even better. Now, if you do not
know where to start, get online and start Googling for some outside opinions.

bottom line is your research and unless you know it well. What if you do not
have time to come to Thailand? You can still get high quality suits at rock
bottom prices. Many Thai tailors develop such a loyal following in the expat
community that their services overseas to Europe, America, and Australia. So
now, many make trips to cities and cities.

All you have to do is know them, they are interested, and they will try to make arrangements for you. You may even get a free if you have enough people waiting when they get there.

Thanks to Phuket Tailor for their contribution in this article.

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The Importance of Big Data in Your Content Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Big Data in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Among the options a brand can choose when looking to reach its customers while also pay attention to trends, content is one of the most relevant and useful techniques in 2019.

As described by the PR agency GoodNoon, through diverse content presented under different formats and distributed through various platforms or media, brands make sure that the public appreciates the attributes of their offer. In such regard, companies gain trust, preference, and interest, something that puts it above those competitors who haven’t implemented a specific content plan.

To date, using content marketing has gone from being a trend to a pillar in every strategy or marketing plan in companies of goods and services from various parts of the world.

According to Forbes, only in the US, in 2018 53%% of the companies use this type of marketing, with a lot of them saying it had a positive impact on their market and promotion efforts. That’s why today we are going to tackle one of the essential components in content creation, the Big Data, and what’s its role amid the marketing trends.

Big Data and content as a must

When a brand decides to create and distribute content, starting from the tactics designed by its own team or in conjunction with an expert / specialized agency, the Big Data element cannot be obliterated, since much of the success of BTL marketing actions depend on it. Why?

Big Data refers to the formation of large data collections that brands obtain from different media, to find patterns that allow them to discover consumption behaviors, preferences, and habits. That is a potential knowledge that comes from listening to customers, understanding what their needs, what they respond to, what they ignore, and find out what needs to be done as a “salesperson.”

So, what makes Big Data a key element, when creating contents of great value for the consumer? Think of it in the following way; through Big Data, companies can:

Segment prospects intelligently.

Customize each interaction and the entire journey of the client.

Optimize the marketing budget and maximize its impact.

But first, to implement Big Data a series of elements and steps are necessary, among which we find:

Analyze audience interests. Tools like Google Analytics facilitate the monitoring of user behaviour on the company’s channels (sites), determining those that are viewed the most:

Define the total number of visits, as well as the time a user spends reading a specific content, the type of device utilized, time of the day users saw or shared the content. All of this among other data, to correctly program the editorial calendar that guides the creation and distribution of each publication.

Analyze what, when and where they consume the contents.

According to figures collected in 2017, the global market value of Big Data was US $ 13.5 billion; while for 2018 it increased to reach 18,200 million dollars.

What are the challenges faced Big data marketing face?

Following the previous section, the data that is being collected from customers is propagated from a wide variety of sources. The challenge lies in obtaining clean, complete and reliable customer data and associating it with accurate profiles.

If such procedure is already complicated in terms of big data, it’s even more so when it comes to multiple sources, with different names, email addresses, and devices, and is riddled with incomplete forms, significant data gaps, duplicates, and other quality problems.

Many times, the companies end up accepting a fragmented vision of the client due to their inability to overcome this challenge. It’s the price they pay to do marketing. However, in reality, they should avoid this conformism since solving the problem is within their reach.

The big break for Big Data

As can be seen, the data most companies work with are the same as those used by their competitors. Big data marketing will make a difference, between leaders and laggards, based on their ability to take advantage of the value of that information.

Thus, the competitive advantage will be consolidated in organizations that are able to carry out an optimized marketing data management, something that has to do with collecting, cleaning and validating, enriching, using and administering in this way:

Collect. Incorporate all the data into a data lake, for example, a Hadoop cluster, hosted in virtual machines in the data center itself or through web services. Start up a registry marketing automation system, which will help create programs, feed flows, record pages. Then, capture the response data and load all that activity into the data lake, without wasting even a bit of information.

Cure and confirm. Consolidating data from several sources means that there will be a lot data duplication and possible conflicts with small variations in names, among other quality problems. Master Data Management (MDM) is the best ally, as it is an automated process guided by the rules of business matching. Thus, if the system sees two records for the same individual, it will automatically collapse them together, as long as the confidence level is above the established threshold. If you aren’t sure, you will throw the exception to a data manager that can decide. In addition to this, it is essential to clean up the data. It can never be assumed that the data collected is correct and usable: people make mistakes when entering their addresses, give incorrect phone numbers and email addresses, put the state and the postal code in a field … and the result can lead to disaster. Once again, we must use the right tools to correct this kind of errors, a common thing in Big data marketing.

Improve. With the help of partners and suppliers, the data is improved with additional information. This process is quite simple: it is loaded, compared with existing records, information is combined, and sets are imported using a data integration platform. Then it is convenient to validate and clean the data once again, to ensure its quality.

Use. Deploying data-driven marketing programs targeted at specific segments is a crucial step. Segmentation can be based on the interest of the product, which helps to aim more accurately and increase commitment.

Supervise. If you only clean and care for the data once, that strategic asset will depreciate quickly. To avoid this impairment, evaluate the state of the data, act accordingly and define a clear set of policies supported by good communication and training so that all those who interact with data know the rules and understand its relevance.

In summon, Big data marketing is a source of opportunities for companies that seek to increase their income and their customer base, but if the data is not clean, nor complete and reliable, management and information will take the business in the wrong direction.

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Spain – The Land of 1000 Fiestas…

Spain – The Land of 1000 Fiestas…

every city, town and village in Spain hosts a
yearly celebration of some kind, 1000 is an obvious gross understatement when
it comes to numbering the amount of actual Spanish Fiestas that are held each

Every single day sees townsfolk somewhere in Spain,
celebrating like there’s no tomorrow, spilling out onto the streets to party as
families, as friends, with their neighbours and with total strangers, all as
part of their local yearly festivities. From new-borns to the oldest members of
their communities the Spanish people embrace a party like no other culture on
earth and the way they party has to be seen and experienced to be believed.

Most Fiestas in Spain have their history and traditions culturally entwined with paganism and religion but there are plenty of crazy, bizarre and downright unbelievable celebrations in Spain that have their basis in agriculture, the seasons, animals and other parts of everyday life. Indeed there are some festivals that not even the locals know of their true origins.

is our list of the 5 most bizarre Spanish Fiestas to attend:

  1. The Basque Bellringing Festival – Sporting
    tall pointy hats bedecked with colourful ribbons are the ‘Joaldunak’, a group
    of hefty bell-rings clothed in sheepskins worn over lace petticoats with giant
    cowbells strapped to their backs. These bell-ringers stomp through the town
    swinging horsetails and chanting, invoking locals, many of whom are dressed up as fantastical wild beasts, to join
    them on their march through the streets. This fiesta is held in the mountain
    villages of Ituren and Zubieta in Navarra.
  • The
    Cantabrian town of Silio, in a bid to farewell winter each year, always holds
    their annual La Vijanera Festival on the first Sunday of January. Here
    locals dress up as trees and as a variety of other whacky characters as they
    bid to ward off the cold in this seasonal extravaganza of colour and
  • Devils run wild in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia near
    Burgos every mid-June as the village celebrates the Festival of El Colacho or The
    Baby Jumping Festival.
    Meant to represent the triumph of good over evil
    this festival takes place on the Sunday after the Feast of Corpus Christi.
    Babies born during the previous year are laid on mattresses in the streets and
    costumed men dressed as devils leap over them in a baptism of sorts believed to
    absorbs the future sins of the babies, and afford them protection from disease
    and misfortune. On completion of the baby jumping the infants are anointed and
    sprinkled with rose petals and promptly reclaimed by their parents.
  • Held on St Peters Day each year
    (29th June) is the very messy Haro
    Wine Fight
    or La Batalla Del Vino. Locals climb into the foothills of a nearby
    mountain and, in a celebration of a past land dispute or of an ancient holy
    pilgrimage (depending on who you ask), they promptly throw red wine all over
    each other as the hillside turns blood red.
Spain Fiestas
La Batalla del Vino, 29 de junio, la batalla a los pies de los riscos de Bilibio,
Rioja Alta, DOC La Rioja
Haro, la Rioja,
  • The Fallas of Valencia sees the city’s streets lit up in an amazing
    festival of fire, light and sound that runs for a week in mid-March. Local
    clubs build gigantic paper mache figures representing famous or notable people,
    (that they take all year to build), that they then display in the streets for a
    time after which they are promptly burned to ashes in the festivities big finale. This is always one of the
    biggest events held in Spain each you with millions attending the event.

The absolute best way of getting to know Spain a little
better and to briefly immerse yourself in Spanish culture is to travel around
Spain and try to discover some of these lesser known festivals for yourself. We
promise you, you’ll never forget the enriching life experiences you’ll be able
to enjoy in Spain, all the while learning a little of the language and gaining
a better understanding of a different culture and way of life.

Many people who plan on taking part in some sort of Spanish
Festivity or Celebration use reputable tour companies such as PP Travel to assist with their travel planning to Spain. PP Travel are
specialists tour group operators to La Tomatina, San Fermin and the Haro Wine
Fight and will ensure your fiesta experience is an experienced to be remembered
for a lifetime.

Hurra Por España (Hooray for

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