How to Convert .DMG files to .ISO using PowerISO

I recently came across a dmg image file that I needed to use, but the problem is that Windows does not support dmg. I tried to mount it using MagicISO, PowerISO and Alcohol %120 but none can mount the file. I found a great feature in PowerISO that lets you convert dmg to iso. Here are the steps.

1. Open the dmg file with powerISO
2. Goto Tools..Convert..
3. Select your source file
4. Select the destination file (It can be either iso, bin/cue, or daa)
5. convert

use powerISO to convert dmg to iso

use powerISO to convert dmg to iso


17 Responses to “How to Convert .DMG files to .ISO using PowerISO”

  1. ICAn says:

    There is another way of converting DMG to ISO using Nero 8 check out this site

  2. G1 tutorial says:

    G1 tutorial

    Thanks for the article

  3. Jon says:

    Uh good but uh hello? MAGIC ISO CAN MOUNT .DMG FILES!!!

  4. HydTech says:

    uh good but uh hello, can magiciso convert dmg to iso?

  5. James_West says:


    I have several DMG files that Magic ISO cannot mount.

  6. n says:

    YES I think this is what I needed. Thanks poster.

  7. bill says:

    It worked for me when MagicISO didn’t.

  8. birkof says:

    thanks for the tip. poweriso works like a charm on my *.dmg files

  9. bobmutch says:

    Converting DMG to ISO on a Windows box:

    The free copy of PowerISO is crippled at 300MB for converting files, so it requires a buy of $29.95 to convert any files over 300MB.

    TransMac will expand a DMG and burn it to your DVD burner and it is fully functioning for 15 days after you install it and is $48 after that.

  10. […] have to convert it to an ISO first. Try this method.…sing-poweriso/ You can get poweriso for a trial here. […]

  11. 3zbb says:

    Thank you to the original poster. MagicIso does mount SOME dmg files, but not the one I needed to use. This did the trick, thanks again!

  12. Nick says:

    +1 for this tutorial. I don’t use poweriso at all, but this certainly helped for converting the dmg file when Magiciso didn’t!!

  13. FFirst says:

    i like wow

  14. Blayz3d says:

    This works great, if you don’t want to pay for that crap, google search a tutorial on torrents :P. Might like what you find. But if you do also google PeerBlock 😛

  15. anton says:

    PowerISO doesn’t support or recognize .DMG files…

  16. P082 says:

    thanx …………………..