Got my T-mobile G1 firmware update today

It popped up today and I installed it. The firmware fixes a few glitches the G1 had and adds:

1. Voicesearch with google. kinda like on the iPhone
– Honestly, I don’t like to use voice search features, not even voice dialing. Some people can’t live without it, but it just doesn’t work for me. When I tried to use this feature, I said “android” and it searched for “stanford”. But you can hit the down arrow and pick from another selection of choices. Alot of improvements need to be made in speech recognition technology before I will use it. (Update- this feature works most of the time if you speak clearly and pause after each word. Jeff Hamilton, a software engineer, with theandroid team claims they are working on new algorithms constantly. Try it yourself first before coming to a conclusion!)

2. Saving attachments via MMS
– No need for the ‘save mms’ app anymore. to save the picture, you don’t click on the picture itself but around it.

3. Some other wifi and messaging related glitches

4. Check for upgrades feature

5. Mark as spam in the android market

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One Response to “Got my T-mobile G1 firmware update today”

  1. pcmetix says:

    Well i got mine today! Upgraded me to 1.6….