Connect Tether your laptop to the internet using the G1 as a modem

There are two three ways you can use the internet connection on your G1 to surf the web on your laptop/computer: USB, Bluetooth and Ad hoc wireless network.

UPDATE: Tethering through PDANet Beta. (Preferred for USB)
This is the easiest method for users with Windows XP. All you have to do is download this file and double click the exe and follow the easy installation process which will also install the software to the G1. This program is still in beta so you might encounter some bugs and problems with speed, however, you do not have to hack your G1 and get root access.

Tethering through USB With Tetherbot proxy
Firefox or any SOCKS v5 compatible browser
Root access to your G1 (follow this tutorial to get root access)

Once you have root access, you can connect your G1 through USB and use tetherbot.

For windows XP and Vista Check here for detailed directions

If you use Opera browser like me, you need to use this hack for SOCKS v5

Check Graham’s website on how to use the portbouncer.

Tethering through Wifi -ad hoc mode

A wireless card to scan for networks on your laptop/computer
Any internet browser
Either a G1 data plan or the tzones hack – check my previous post to get the tzones hack working

  • Turn off wireless on your phone
  • Download tether-1.6.tar and place it in /sdcard via USB cable
  • Unmount the sdcard and disconnect the USB
  • In your terminal type:
tar xf /sdcard/tether-1.6.tar
tether start

Now go to your laptop or wireless device and search for new wireless networks. Connect to ‘G1′!

To stop tethering:

tether stop

New Wifi/Bluetooth Tether app (Preferred for Wifi)

alternatively, you can download the new app here Wifi/BT TetherApp for Android and save it to your android SDcard and install it. This version has bluetooth tethering also.




15 Responses to “Connect Tether your laptop to the internet using the G1 as a modem”

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  2. Saraccoug says:

    great tutorial. thanks

  3. Mervyn says:

    I’ve only used the wireless tethering because it allows you to VPN through the G1’s 3G connection and you don’t have to change your browser’s settings. There are a couple of free WiFi tether apps on the Android marketplace now that make the install and setup much easier than before too.

  4. HydTech says:

    wifi tethering is better, but this is for those who do not have a wireless card or using this technique at work.

  5. kbnky says:

    What does “Unmount the sdcard” mean?

    I follow everything but that.

  6. HydTech says:

    just means disconnect. on windows, you would ‘safely remove hardware’

  7. OZ Amehd says:

    i got an error message it says

    su: permission denied

  8. flash says:

    i’m running ubuntu on my desktop && am trying to use my g1 as my internet source.

    i have had zero luck.

    i don’t have root access && am currently running cupcake.

    how do i make it work ??

  9. HydTech says:

    get root access first and use wifi tether

  10. sam says:

    I currently have a laptop w/ a wireless card built in. i wanted to tether my G1 to my laptop. i have the data plan. whats the best and easiest way to do this, im kinda lost on what all the options u have listed are. do i use the blutooth or do i have to get root access????

  11. HydTech says:

    the easiest way is with PDAnet and the best way is with root access and wifi tether package.

  12. Roulette-Biering says:

    Hey, ok, I get it, I guess – but does this really work?

  13. Newsence says:

    To all having trouble just first option… It’s fairly easy to set up and works really well

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