Stereo Installation Pictures 2005 Nissan Altima

Disconnect the Negative Terminal on the battery

Stick a Screwdriver on the side of the AC panel and it should pop off


Remove the four screws around the AC panel and place it on the side

Pull up here

Remove the screws around the CD player

And here

And here

Disconnect the wires

Install the Scocshe adapter

And the wire harness

Now you can put on your MP3/CD player /Stereo and reverse the steps for the Install.

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11 Responses to “Stereo Installation Pictures 2005 Nissan Altima”

  1. Hyd says:

    hello..I am not an expert webmaster but I think your blog needs some moderation..

  2. Mo says:

    Great Tutorial.. loved it. i’m on a verge of buying an 05 nissan and am looking to replace the stereo.. to something touch-screen .. anything you would recomment?
    thank you.

  3. victor says:

    thank you very much, this is some very good info thanks!!!

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  5. andre says:

    to nintendo 5 im trying to install the same stereo in the same altima model so if you already did could give me some advice
    before i install the new stereo

  6. kelii says:

    hi i was trying to remove mine n the cover cracked would u happen to know what the part is called so i could replace it its the hole plastic peace with the compartment as seen in picture number seven please get back to me a/s/a/p im so bummed out cause it cracked an now it looks like crap u can e-mail me at thank u..

  7. HydTech says:

    I think its called the faceplate or bezel. You can get a cheap one at the junkyard.

  8. SkippowahRL says:

    Thanks much this helpped me out alot
    Im about to install a alpine CDA 105
    With a whole lotta beat!!!

    Do u have any more tips on how to do any other cars
    Because i will be starting my own buisness soon

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  10. Ricky Rik says:

    Curious as to how to keep the volume and other stereo and cd player controls that are on the stering wheel, to continue to work with a deck of my choosing???

  11. Dan N says:

    Thanks for the pics/instructions. Questions on the wires from the Scosche adapter. One one side you got plugs and then the other side has just wires. Do you need to crimp/tie those wires into anything?