9 thoughts on “iPhone Skin Theme for android for use with aHome, openHome, Freshface, Pandahome”

  1. Please update with more icons. Looks good, what you have so far just need more icons. The settings icon with your app will not do anything.it says not installed. Any way to associate it with the native settings page

  2. hi,

    i donwloaded open home first as instructed then this app and when i open thi app it says this wont open on its own without open home which i already have???

    why is this?

  3. II downloaded open home and still doesn’t work. I have evo what and how I can get iPhone theme working

  4. Where do I download ahome that works???? I’ve been trying to download it to use with the IPhone app for my Android. I downloaded ahome Lite but it won’t open. Just force closes. Can you help me please?
    Thanks you so much!!!

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