iPhone OS 4.0 HD Theme for Android

This iPhone 4.0 Theme is a Hi definition theme for high resolution devices and does not open by itself. It works with the following home replacement apps:

aHome (no droid support)
open home
panda home

sweeter home

Must have a Hi-Res phone like droid or nexus one for Hi-def, however, it will work on other devices in low res.

11 thoughts on “iPhone OS 4.0 HD Theme for Android”

  1. Thanks for the reply, but where do i find themes on my mytouch. I cannot find it anywhere. Sorry for being so ignorant…<(

  2. Please still work on this app. The four apps on the bottom dock need to be larger and have a background shadow like the iphone does. Also if you can find a way to hide the center home key that would be great as well. Thank you.

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