ADW Launcher Theme iPad

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  1. Faraz, why doesn’t it take over all my icons like Gallery, Contacts, Music etc… on my Galaxy I9000?? Above it shows that it should! Regards…

  2. Hi developer,

    I tried to download the latest ADW Launcher Theme iPad but unfortunately I’m using a China-made tablet that has no Market Android access.

    Do you have a URL link of the APK file where I can directly download it? Worst comes to worst, can you please send it to my email?

    I’ll pay it through Paypal and let me know how much.

    Thank you. Hope to hear from you.


  3. Hi. When I make a custom shortcut for app draawer there is a grey b
    ox around the shortcut when I drag it to the do k
    Im on droid x. What can be the reason. When I clean the settings the box is still there around the stock add app draawer icon
    Using new adw version

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