ad-hoc network on my Styleflying GPAD G10

To get this working, you will first have to root your styleflying android tablet.

This tablet is not like other android devices which are easily connected to adhoc by editing the tiwlan.ini and wpa_suplicant.conf. In fact, there is no tiwlan file on the device. We will have to use an alternate method, however, we will still be patching our wpa_supplicant.

The first step is to make an adhoc connection from your phone, laptop or desktop and name the ssid as ‘droidhoc’ and make sure you do not use a WEP key (it causes unnecessary problems). Set your ip address to static and use (or you can use dhcp, but sometimes this causes problems). If you set static, then make sure you use a static IP, like, on your device under advanced settings. Set the mask to and dns to

The next step is to connect the gpad with adb and I will assume you know how to do that.

now we will type the following:

su (for superuser mode)
mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system (mount partition as writable)
cp /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf /sdcard/ (copy configuration file to sdcard)
exit (to exit out of adb)
adb pull /sdcard/wpa_supplicant.conf / (pull the file off the sdcard to edit it)

Now edit the file with your text editor and enter the following after the line ctrl_interface=DIR=/data/system/wpa_supplicant GROUP=system:



auth_alg=OPEN SHARED

Place the wpa_supp file back and change owner, permissions and reboot:
adb push /wpa_supplicant.conf /sdcard/wpanew.conf
adb shell
cp /sdcard/wpanew.conf /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
cd /data/misc/wifi
chown wifi.wifi wpa_supplicant.conf
chmod 777 wpa_supplicant.conf

Once your phone is rebooted, we will download the HydTech’s adhoc wifi app from the market and run it.(app costs only $1.99)

Enjoy your new adhoc connection!

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  1. Didn’t work for me 🙁
    im using the newer 301 build of the firmware. Wifi settings list the adhoc network from the conf, but the scan doesn’t see or connect to it…..any ideas?

  2. Superuser pops up and I allowed it twice…viewed the logcat, and and watched it run the sh. Just never connected. I’ve tried 3 differenctdevices (as far as serving up a” droidhoc” ssid…no luck…

  3. – I edited the wpa_supp so that only “your” lines are in it.
    – Will my Wifi infrastructure continue to work with your method?
    – Is your app for the phone (or is it a typo) or for the gpad? I want to connect to a symbian phone.

  4. Your wifi will work if it has only those lines.

    The app is for the android phone. you can connect to any adhoc network. I’ve connected to my G1 and also to a windows xp adhoc. The G1 tether worked with dhcp but the windows one required static IP.

  5. yes, i tried adding you on gtalk.

    if all else fails, I can maybe remote desktop into ur computer and see your setup.

  6. AWESOME!! I really needed this bad. it worked perfectly for me once I set up a static IP like you said. oh, and is the eapol_version=2 necessary or can we use eapol_version=1

  7. I’ve had quite some freezing here .. it seems that the app doesn’t like to be startet twice. Anyway .. I now tried with a static IP .. and the tablet seems to have a connection. BUT .. I get no traffic over the line. So something is still wrong but I don’t know what. I will do further testing tomorrow.
    Another thing I noticed .. each time I restart wlan I also have to restart the app. AND I have to go to the IP settings and turn them off and on. Maybe you can tweak the app a little. Also something that shows the app is running would be great.
    BTW .. I used a different SSID .. but I think that is OK. My Symbian tool doesn’t allow completely free SSID selection.

  8. its not working because the app is programmed to use ‘droidhoc’ as ssid. yes the app has to be run everytime the wifi is shut down or phone restarted.

  9. I can try to rewrite the app to use a user given ssid, but I dont have the time for that now. And honestly there doesnt seem to be a demand for that.

  10. Hi, I have an SmartQ V5 which don´t have tiwlan.ini too, it´s rooted. I tried to do what you described but don´t get any droidhoc connection on wifi settings. I´m running Barnacle Wifi on my X10 mini but I don´t know if I´m configuring it correctly. First of all, in barnacle i set my SSID = droidhoc and disabled wep. I set my IP static as you said in the advanced settings on wifi configuration menu. Edited wpa_supplicant too, I got group=wifi instead of group=system, I left as it is. I dont know if I set up barnacle correctly, can you help me? thanks,

  11. hi .. I updated Joikuspot and I can now use ssid droidhoc still it doesn’t work for me. I start your app and nothing happens. I go to wlan settings and I see “droidhoc” not in reach. I go to IP settings deactivate the hook and activate it again and then I see the wlan symbol go on in top bar. No traffic possible.
    Joikuspot uses as IP, no encryption.
    In Superuser I see two icons from your app. First sais “ls as root (uid:0)” the other sais “sh /system/ as root (uid:0)”
    When I look at /system/ I cannot see a file called

    What’s wrong?

  12. for phone tethering, I found dhcp automatic works best. not static. When I tether to my HTC Hero, I have to use dhcp.

  13. you might have to wait a looong time…. Google doesnt want to work on this problem. The request for adhoc was placed over 2 years ago.

  14. if joikuspot uses as IP, then ur static settings would be like this:
    ip –

    If you want I can remote desktop into ur computer to see why its not connecting. what is ur gtalk id?

  15. Googletalk is good .. but let me clear this first. The tablet seem to edit the file. It is not 777 anymore, my local network was added and the ap_scan=2 is gone. The owner is still wifi. How do I prevent this from happening?
    And doesn’t have to be in /system ?

  16. After reboot the rights are automatically set back to 660. File content is ok. Network is scanned but not successfull. And sometimes when I tap the app I don’t get the message about assigned root rights. I will email you my gmail id.

  17. yes.. how can you run this with a wep key? also… installed and works, however stops working if I connect to an infrastructure network, then switch back to Adhoc… it can see the adhoc network, and I can “connect” to it, but it never connects..


  18. still looking for a bit of support… this works for me but if I connect to another network that’s infrastructure after the adhoc connection, I can’t reconnect to the adhoc without deleting teh wpa_supplicant and reloading the modified one.


  19. I purchased your program and followed your instructions. All I get is unable to start Wi-Fi. Any help?

  20. hi buddy. i just wanna know if your application will work on my lg gt540. i have tried many ways of getting access to an ad hoc network. but all the results were useless.

    could you tell me a way of how pay you.

  21. Dear HydTech,
    I have found your information to be the most accurate and most reliable than ANY of the other sources “Claiming” they know what they are talking about. I was very fortunate to find your posts. I do not understand why in the world Google doesn’t and hasn’t made ANY attempt to solve this issue. It is obviously and issue that your so brilliantly worked on and (for the most part) solved. I have been working on this issue for weeks, to not avail.
    I finally found your posts and was inspired by your hard work and research done on this project. I have several phones and devices that need this added to them. It I still have issues with programing some of the devices that I need this to work on. I mainly plan on adding this feature to most if not all of the phones that we provide our “Lightyear” and “Ironic” Wireless customers. I would like to get in contact with you. I know you are busy, but I love busy people, they get things done. I have a (small) but powerful team. We, like yourself are very busy, but always get the job done.
    I would like to get in contact with you to talk about possibly working together in the future. I also have a few technical questions, that were not mentioned in your posts, and could use some assistance. I would greatly appreciate a few moments of your time.

    Jan Jorell Dormond, President

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