Android Wireless Application Development [Paperback]

Android Wireless Application Development

The start-to-finish guide to Android development–from concept to market!   Android Wireless Application Development combines all the reliable information, sample code, and best practices you need to build, distribute, and market successful Android mobile applications. Drawing on their extensive experience with mobile and wireless development, Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey cover everything you need to execute a successful Android project: from concept and design through cod (more…)

Archos 5 32 GB Internet Tablet with Android

Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android

Archos, award-winning for its constant technology innovation, now introduces its new Archos 5 Internet Tablet. This product combines all the multimedia know-how that Archos is famous for, with the Android operating system. It offers you an uncompromised Internet, Media and TV experience in a customizable interface. In perpetual evolution with the continuous arrival of new applications, you can personalize your Archos 5 Internet Tablet to perfectly reflect your tastes (more…)

Professional Android 2 Application Development (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) [Paperback]

Professional Android 2 Application Development (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)

Build unique mobile applications with the latest Android SDK Written by an Android authority, this up-to-date resource shows you how to leverage the features of Android 2 to enhance existing products or create innovative new ones. Serving as a hands-on guide to building mobile apps using Android, the book walks you through a series of sample projects that introduces you to Android’s new features and techniques. Using the explanations and examples included in these pages, you’ (more…)

Android Market Trademark Complaint received!

One of my apps got suspended today! I wish google would have given the devs a chance to voice their opinion before going and deleting everything that has NBA in the title. Here is a letter I received from them and a copy of the complaint sent by someone at the NBA:

This is a notification that the application, Houston Rockets Pro Theme NBA with package ID mobi.bbase.ahome.theme.rockets has been removed from Android Market due to a violation of the Developer Content Policy. Please review the Content Policies and Business and Program Policies before you create or upload additional applications. Note that repeated violations may result in a suspension of your Android Market Publisher account.

For more information, or to contact us, please reply to this email, or visit the Android Market Help Center.


The Android Market Team

and another email:

Google has been notified that some of your materials allegedly infringe

upon the trademarks of others. The details of the removed application may

be found at the end of this message. Please note that we have attached a

copy of the original notice we received for your reference.

If you have any further concerns about this issue, please address them

directly to the complainant in the Trademark Infringement Notice provided.

The affected application is listed below:

Houston Rockets Pro Theme NBA by HydTech


The Android Market Team

Here is a copy of the complaint sent by some Sacha Tarrant of the NBA:

Android market trademark complaint

So in conclusion, anyone can send in a complaint and google will suspend your app without looking into it.

The New Droid Incredible!

FreeNX, NXserver, NeatX and more NX problems

After upgrading to Lucid, I noticed I was having problems with nxserver. I couldn’t lock my screen from work anymore. I tried everything under the sun but I still kept getting the “Error: couldn’t find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig” message with glxinfo in my forwarded screen. glxinfo works fine when at the computer itself. I read that X11 forwarding has had some problems with this recently. I uninstalled nxserver and reinstalled the latest version. no luck. It made it worse and now I couldn’t even get CAPS lock to work on the remote screen. Then I found neatx. Neatx is google’s version of nxserver and which is based on nxserver. My first thoughts on neatx were that is looks the same as nxserver but a little slower. My keyboard and mouse, however, function properly but still no lock screen or screen saver. My next option: Try KDE. I installed KDE but still got the glxinfo error. Screen lock worked though! Waiting for a fix on X11 forwarding with ssh, in the mean while, I keep KDE.