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ANZAC Day – Nurses of the Great War

ANZAC Day – Nurses of the Great War

ANZAC Day is a big deal to Australians and New

With a different meaning to so many, it’s usually
regarded as an unnecessary and sad loss of life in a British Empire backed
bloodbath, or it’s the most memorable of losing military conflicts that defined
both countries and shaped their futures.

Remembrance celebrations for the ill-fated campaign at Gallipoli began exactly a year after the event on April 25th 1916 and there have been services every single year since in Australia, New Zealand and anywhere on the planet where Aussies and Kiwis live, serve their country, work or travel.

Anzac Day is important to Australians and New Zealanders

Invocations of what has become the ANZAC Legend generally
only include soldiers experiences, but for the more than 4,000 Australian and
New Zealand nurses who volunteered for active service during World War 1, their
story is rarely heard. This was the first time in the two countries histories
that women worked alongside men as equals – and their work was equally
extraordinary and heroic.

Women of this era had only just recently been given the
right to vote but were still, more often than not, confined to housekeeping so
even signing up for active service was an extremely courageous and bold move
for these amazing and inspiring women.

These ANZAC nurses cared for thousands of casualties in
hospitals all over Europe during the conflict from makeshift facilities on
transport ships, remote islands, in churches and underground to proper
hospitals in the UK and Western Europe. Always at risk of attack from the Axis
of Evil the conditions were often gruelling with sadly depleted medical
supplies, lack of fresh running water, rudimentary equipment and an endless
stream of sick and wounded soldiers from all of the allied countries. They performed
their duties with the utmost respect, courage and tenacity and indeed,
thousands would’ve died if not for the ANZAC nurses. The hospital on Lemnos
during the Gallipoli Campaign itself records 7400 patients of which only 143
died, a testament to the will and skill of these incredible ANZACS.

Upon their return to their homes in Australia and New
Zealand many nurses of World War 1 received little to no financial benefits,
little to no recognition and most shockingly, were seemingly omitted from
yearly ANZAC
Day Commemorations. Many soldiers however, remembered, and the
contributions the nurses (and other women) made to the war effort for the
ANZACS is thankfully, now also remembered each year as well as the service
given by all women in the Great War and in every subsequent conflict where
ANZACS have been present.


To find out more about ANZAC Day and to get further
information regarding the Gallipoli Dawn Service
please have a look at the Gallipoli information and links on the
www.anzacdaygallipoli.com website.

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La Tomatina – The World’s Messiest Food Fight…

La Tomatina – The World’s Messiest Food Fight…

La Tomatina always takes place on the last
Wednesday of August in the sleepy village of Bunol some 40kms west of Spain’s
third largest city, Valencia.

This is an EPIC food fight of proportions
you just won’t believe, with seven trucks dumping over 200,000 pounds worth of
ripe tomatoes into the streets for a food war that has to be experienced to be

Here we cover our top tips for surviving intact, getting the most out of your tomato battle day, and enjoying the festival to its fullest potential.

La Tomatina tomato throwing tours
  • Photography – If you do plan on bringing a camera you need to adhere to a few of the councils guidelines. No tripods, no selfie-sticks and no massive cameras will be permitted in without first gaining permission from the Bunol Council. With phones and smaller cameras for picture and video purposes make sure they are either waterproof, or are in a waterproof container. Even something as ordinary as a plastic sandwich bag can ensure your device is not totally wrecked at the end of the tomato battle.
  • Accommodation – If you are planning on staying in Bunol itself options are very limited so it is best to book well in advance. Most revellers stay in nearby Valencia where there are thousands of accommodation options and plenty more sights and activities to see and get involved with.
  • Clothing/Protection – If you plan on getting into the thick of the action then the clothes that you wear for the tomato fight will be destroyed, you will throw them away, that’s for certain. Make sure you take a change of clothing with you to Bunol and keep in mind that there are no changing rooms so it’s behind a car, rubbish bin or building that you’ll be doing a quick change. Goggles can be a good idea for keeping tomato juice (acid) out of the eyes although you are forever cleaning them. A peaked baseball cap is the best bet in our opinion for protection of the face and eyes. Loose fitting clothing and footwear should be avoided.
  • Tickets – Again, you must get these well in advance through a company such as La Tomatina Tours as they do sell out and there is a 20,000 maximum allocation.
  • Times – The first actual event on the day of La Tomatina is the “Palo-Jabón” where a giant pole is covered with soap/grease and people attempt to climb the pole to reach a hanging slab of ham at the top. Often hilarious to watch. This starts from about 8am in the morning with the tomato fight kicking off around 11am. Please note there are NO EXACT starting times for either of the events. The tomato fight lasts only an hour and a half at most.
  • The Tomatoes – You must crush the tomato in your hand before throwing them as they can do serious damage to someone’s eye otherwise. Do not under any circumstances rip peoples clothing, throw projectiles other than tomatoes, or argue with officials as those are the easiest paths to ejection from the event.
  • After – The best way to clean yourself after the event is to head down to the local river (all roads downhill lead to the river) where the council has erected twenty or so temporary showers. You can also find temporary showers at the train station although these are usually far more crowded. If the showers are full you can always just jump in the river.
  • More – Most importantly enjoy yourself and have fun, respect other revellers and give assistance where required to anyone in any pain or difficulty. La Tomatina is an event for all experience and to enjoy, not just for your enjoyment.
La Tomatina tomato throwing photos and details

Well there we have it, an abridged survival
guide that’ll certainly get you through the day, but like all events we cover there are
plenty of websites out there who provide detailed information on the event with
the highly recommended La Tomatina Tours among the best to check-out for
full La Tomatina event disclosure, day trips and
hotel tour options.

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Royal Ascot’s Relaxed Dress Code Welcomed – But Don’t Forget your Hat…

Royal Ascot’s Relaxed Dress Code Welcomed – But Don’t Forget your Hat…

Royal Ascot racegoers are certainly accustomed to dressing to impress for this most social of events and in what is a stunning turnabout in policy, as part of what’s being called a ‘diversity drive’, Ascot has relaxed some of the dress codes to be more ‘inclusive’ for some race fans. Co-ordinators of the event have announced that guests will be able to pick a sex clothing regulation they ‘feel most comfortable with’ meaning for the first time ladies will be permitted to dress like men and of course, the other way around – providing the garb they choose still adheres to the Royal Ascot guidelines.

Royal Ascot Ladies Day - what to wear?

Since the Regency times of the early 19th century
in England, Ascot has insisted on a strict dress code for the Royal Ascot
event. It was the iconic Beau Brummell, a one-time close friend of the Prince
Regent (Later King George the 4th) who is remembered as the
preeminent example of a fashionable ‘dandy’ man and as the driving force behind
the dress code for men in the Royal Enclosure. Beau even advised gentlemen that
they should always clean their boots with champagne ‘for a better shine’. Many
of Beau’s influences and dress guidelines for the event unbelievably still
remain to this day.

The exclusive Royal Enclosure, often referred to as ‘the
heart’ of the event, has always had tight rules in regards to dress. But in
2018, the event broke with usual convention by permitting racegoers to wear
jumpsuits in the Royal Enclosure for the first time and organisers this year
have announced they would try to appeal to a wider range of visitor by putting
on a ‘party atmosphere’ and incorporating a ‘more vibrant feel’ to the

The relaxed dress codes have been welcomed by respected LGBT
and Transgender figures here in the UK with Britain’s first transgender jockey
Victoria Smith commenting that it was ‘really positive’ and that racing was
‘starting to become more accepting of difference’.

The commercial director of Ascot, Julie Slot, has said: ‘Fashion and style are an important part of the Royal Ascot experience for all of our customers’ and certainly this year, more than any other, Ascot appears to be embracing change like never before.

Ladies Day Fashion at Royal Ascot

There have been other alterations in the dress code policy
with regards to all enclosures and its recommended that if you are attending Royal Ascot Ladies
Day or any other day of the horse race festival that you view the all
the information contained in the The
Royal Ascot Style Guide
(In association with Cunard) which can
be viewed and downloaded via the official Royal Ascot Website.

For further information on Royal Ascot including details on
enclosures, great value day trip hospitality options, dress codes and more
please do check out the Ladies
Day Ascot website.

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Epsom Derby – The Sport of Kings fit for a Queen

Epsom Derby – The Sport of Kings fit for a Queen

Historically horseracing, in one form or another, has been around
for thousands of years. Records exist from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Babylon,
Syria, the Roman Empire and the list goes on. However, it wasn’t until the
evolution of actual thoroughbred racing in the 17th century, and
it’s highlighted profile through its popularity with British Royalty and
British Aristocracy, that it earned the title “The Sport of Kings”.

…And there has been no monarch in history that has ever embraced “The Sport of Kings” quite like The Queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second.

Derby Day Epsom Horse Racing

A day at the races in the UK is a fantastic opportunity to
experience English history, pageantry, pomp and tradition and since first
attending the Epsom Derby as a Princess back in 1946, The Queen has missed the
race just twice. By the age of 6 years old Elizabeth was a keen horse rider and
that competency grew through her teens and as an adult strengthening her love
of the animals and for horseracing. It was her father King George the Sixth,
also a horse enthusiast, that first took the young Princess Elizabeth to the
Epsom Derby, and so began an eight decade long love affair with the event.

Elizabeth the Second was crowned as Queen of England in 1953 after
the death of The King and unbelievably, just four days later, attended her
first Epsom Derby as reigning Monarch.

Queen Elizabeth the Second inherited a magnificent collection of thoroughbreds and breeding stock from her late father and has since built her stable into a formidable racing empire. Jockeys wearing the scarlet and purple colours of Her Majesty have passed the winning post over 1600 times on The Queens horses and she has won all the British Classics, many multiple times, with only one race eluding her trophy cabinet, the Epsom Derby. Despite attempting the race with her runners 10 plus times The Queen has yet to become part of The Derby History as a winner of the race, with her best result actually coming in her first year attempted back in 1953 with Aureole which finished second to Pinza.

In a
statement made in 2012 Epsom Downs Racecourse chairman, Anthony Cane said this
about The Queen:

At the end of the day, her love is to come here. You have to
remember, she comes here in a normal year in a private capacity not on an
official visit. But she comes because she loves it, and this time it’s her one
trip to Surrey in the Diamond Jubilee.

[The Queen] is incredibly knowledgeable. Her knowledge of
thoroughbreds and breeding goes way back. She’s absolutely amazing.”

Once again
in 2019 The Queen will be attending Britain’s richest flat race and will have
her Royal Standard raised in the Jockey Club Enclosure after the royal
procession down the straight from Tattenham Corner. If you’d like to be part of
that celebratory crowd then perhaps consider a Hospitality Package through an
official supplier to the event. 

God Save
the Queen!

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The Importance of the Right Digital Marketing Strategy

The Importance of the Right Digital Marketing Strategy

The economic landscape is changing the way that many
companies approach marketing strategies. 
From the explosion of e-commerce to the heavy reliance on mobile
devices, finding the right digital marketing agency has never
been more important to help implement your digital strategy.

Social networking has helped many organisations better understand their consumer base, and with the information that is readily available these days, catering your digital marketing approach to the trends noticed in consumer behaviours can have incredible benefits on your campaign.  By taking the following points into account, you can increase engagement (and ultimately sales) while lowering traditional advertising budgets at the same time. 

Content Marketing,
plan to succeed.

Content is key, and always will be in our eyes. From long
form, informative content for people to enjoy, understand and learn from to infographics,
video content, blogging the list goes on. You need to understand your market,
and what your customers or user base want or require. You want to focus your
time on writing what people want to read. Carry out your keyword research and use
Google trends for example to see what is happening in your industry or even
better your niche or vertical. 

Content creation

You’ve done your planning and now you need to create. It
goes without saying that it needs to be unique. If you are creating bespoke imagery,
make sure your photoshop skills are on point. Make sure your copy is SEO
friendly targeting the right keywords with the appropriate header and meta
tags. Your finished product, whether it be an evergreen post or an amazing new
video for your brand needs to be on point, ready to be shared and utilised to
the best of its ability.


Search engine optimisation is a key component of your
digital mix, as without a user friendly and technically sound website, all of
your hard work in other mediums might not translate to those all-important
rankings. From UX, page speed and canonical re-directs to more technical
optimisations all these little additions, fixes and improvements can help
improve the overall experience, speed and crawlability of your site.

Social Media Management

Consumers are looking for companies that create value through these media channels. From Twitter and Facebook to Snapchat, Instagram and 100s more, creating company profiles on social networking sites give you a chance to deliver your engaging content far and wide and more importantly allows you the chance to engage with your consumer base first hand. Consumers are “liking” their favourite companies on sites like Facebook, and letting these companies know that they are interested in any special offers.  Be responsive to comments and requests, and make your customers or potentials feel valued. It is important you understand how each component of the digital marketing mix interacts with each other and how they should all follow your overall digital strategy to improve your chances of reaching your goals from increasing social media followers, engagement, impressions to CTR and the end goal for many, sales. For further tips and advice on how to improve your digital marketing strategy, visit https://victory.digital.

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3 Tips for Looking After Your Dental Equipment

3 Tips for Looking After Your Dental Equipment

It is so important to take measures to look after and properly maintain your dental equipment. Failure to do so could lead to you reducing your overall level of care to your patients, which should be avoided at all costs.

If you regularly look after your equipment, you will quickly notice that the longevity of your equipment will also increase. This will result in reduced expenditure on new equipment which breaks before it should. You should be looking at ways to reduce your dental supplies spend all the time to help maintain profitability in the dental practice.

Here are some tips to follow to properly look after your dental equipment.

dental handpiece repair

Look for the CE Mark

When first using your equipment, we would highly recommend that you check that the equipment has the “CE” mark on it. This ensures that the equipment you have bought has met the regulations for safe usage. This will allow you to use the equipment safely on your patients without it interfering the quality of care that you offer. When the CE mark came into operation in the turn of the century, there was a big reduction in the numbers

When this mark was introduced in the late 1990’s, it resulted in a dramatic decrease in the amount of unsafe equipment that was used by dentists. Patient care levels also increased as a result.

Adhere to the Recommendations Outlined by the Manufacturer

We would highly recommend that you browse the instruction booklet which will likely come with your piece of equipment. The instructions will tell you how to look after your equipment properly. If you don’t do this and follow the maintenance instructions, your warranty could not only be invalidated, but it also puts the safety of patients at risk.

Regular Repairs

For a dental handpiece for example, we would highly recommend that you instruct a handpiece repair company to carry out regular repairs. This will ensure that your equipment lasts for as long as possible.

GPSDent for example offers a handpiece repair service with a very quick turnaround time. This is made possible because of the large stock of parts that they keep to ensure repairs are carried out as quickly as possible. With repairs, there will likely be a warranty of three to six months, depending on the repair being carried out.

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Here’s Why UX in Mobile App Development Matters Most to Drive Maximum Conversions

Here’s Why UX in Mobile App Development Matters Most to Drive Maximum Conversions

If you want to make people download your
app, it must offer benefits that people enjoy using it. In this highly
competitive market, making your mobile app,
a huge success is no easy feat. It requires exceptional design and development
efforts to create awesome features that meet the needs of your target audience.
User experience is one of the most factors that can make or break your app. Therefore,
when it comes to mobile app development, user experience is the most important
factors that needs your careful
attention. If your app UX is out-of-the-box and flawless, chances are your
target users will surely love it and download your app.

If you want to get users hooked on your app
for long and want to get more conversions, you need to improve your UX. Here are
some important strategies that will help you improve your mobile UX and drive
more conversions on your app.

Let’s get started.

Your App

It is always a sensible idea to follow the cutting-edge mobile app development trends to keep your mobile app up-to-date. Your users will love using your app if you make some tweaks to your mobile app from time to time. It will eventually improve your conversion rate. Adding new and advanced features to your app will help you promote your services and products to your target users.

it Easier for Users to Perform the Intended Action

One of the effective strategies to increase
the conversion rate of your app is to make it easier to use and remove all the
unnecessary features that make it hard for users to perform the desired action.
Allow users to enjoy your app by using simple and exceptional features, awesome
colors, animations, and other design elements to drive maximum engagement. This makes users satisfied with the services or
features of your app. Satisfied users will eventually become loyal to your
brand and return to your brand to get your services and products.

Your app should be simple and
straightforward so that your users can make the most of its functions. Optimizing
the user experience of your app will ultimately highlight the main benefits of
your app, making it easier for users to take an intended action and drive more

Your Target Audience

When it comes to developing an exceptional mobile app that convinces people to use
your app and solves the pain points of users, it is advised to invest your time
and efforts to determine what your target audience wants. You can make the most
of UX analytics to check what your users are doing on your app. A touch heatmap
tool can help you figure out all the aspects of your app that your users find
useful and feature they actually don’t like. Knowing the likes and
dislikes of your audience is an amazing trick that makes it easier to add more
personalized options to your app and improve the overall UX of your app.

the Search Feature of Your App

If users come to your app, they want to use
your products or services. If your app has poor navigation or UX that makes it difficult for users to find what they
are looking for, chances are they will leave your app. Providing a search
feature is a sensible strategy to make your app highly functional. When your
app offers easy and simple navigation and
the advanced search feature that makes it
easier for users to find they want, it will eventually take the usability of
your app to a whole new level.

the Most of Microanimations

In UX design, animations in mobile app
design can provide an out-of-the-box user experience and improve the
desirability and usability of your app. Remember, UI animations, if used right
can make your mobile app a huge success. For instance, you can use feedback
animation to inform users about the particular action. Progress animation can
also be used to guide users about the level of progress. Loading animations is
used to inform users that the loading process is in progress. All in all, by
using animations in your mobile UX, you can attract users’ eye to the
particular action, help them understand how to complete the action and make
navigation easier and intuitive.


Designing a winning mobile app that offers positive UX and makes your audience convert and interact with your app is a challenging task. A professional mobile app development agency that has a team of skilled developers can help you come up with a mobile app that has a great UX, and attractive UI provides awesome functionality and valuable features. This will help you drive maximum engagement, increase conversion rate and take your brand towards unprecedented heights of success. Follow these effective strategies to improve the UX of your mobile app and optimize its conversion rate that will eventually help you achieve your sales goals in 2019.

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Three Carpet Cleaning Secrets to Keep Your Carpet Looking It’s Best

Three Carpet Cleaning Secrets to Keep Your Carpet Looking It’s Best

Keeping your carpets clean can be a rather arduous process –
especially if you have kids running around. They sometimes create more mess
than the family dog! So, we at thought we’d offer our top tips on how to keep
your carpets clean.

Stain on the Carpet? Dab not Rub…

It can be very tempting to try and rub stains to try and get
them out when you are carpet
cleaning, but this should be avoided at all costs. We would recommend that
you dab stains with a suitable cleaning solution. Also, you need to make sure
that the cloth you use is clean. Blotting is able to put just a little amount
of pressure on the stain to soak it up. If you do the opposite and rub, it moves
the stain particles around into the fibres of the carpet, making the stain
worse. For the best effect, make sure that you dab from the outer perimeter of
the stain before moving inwards. If you do it the opposite way, you can spread
the stain that little bit further.

blotting a stain is much better than rubbing a stain

Is Shaving Cream Good For Cleaning a Stain? Or is This an Urban Myth?

Some people swear by the fact that the best carpet cleaner
for general stains is shaving cream or foam. All you have to do is to apply the
shaving cream directly onto the stain and leave it for around half an hour.
After 30 minutes, you will notice that the cream has set. All you need to do
then is to blot the cream away, and with it should come the stain. It is
recommended that you spray the affected area with a solution of 50% water and
50% vinegar afterwards. You will be surprised by the results! Have you tried
this before? If so, did it work for you?

shaving foam acts as a good stain remover for carpets.

Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

To keep your carpet looking fresh, we would recommend that
you carry out a deep clean of the carpet every 6 months or so. Steam cleaning is
a cleaning procedure that makes use of a cleaning solution under intense pressure
to get right into the fibre of the carpet with the help of water-jet nozzles. The
steam cleaning machine is then able to extract the cleaning solution with all
the dirt that is in the carpet, giving the carpet a new lease of life.

If you would like a deep clean of your carpet, why not
contact Clean Carpets.

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Wine Fight – A Battle For the Ages…

Wine Fight – A Battle For the Ages…

The Wine Fight is held on the morning of the 29th of June each year in the historical heart of Rioja just outside the town of Haro (pronounced Aro), and is an exuberant, liberating and totally awesome experience.

Unlike the Running of the
Bulls and San Fermin in Pamplona or the La Tomatina Tomato Festival in Bunol
near Valencia, the Wine Fight is a much more authentic Spanish fiesta with many
locals and fewer tourists.

wine fight girl

From 7.00am in the morning
on a craggy hillside at the foot of the Cliffs of Bilibio boozy revellers begin
to gather. Most have had no sleep having partied all night in the town’s main
square to the many bands and DJ’s that have performed the night away. The
streets of Haro are filled the night before with locals of all ages and you’ll
often see kids and the elderly still there at dawn and heading to the Wine
Fight arm in arm.

With historical roots forged
a millennium ago, this wine throwing fiesta, known locally as the La Batalla
Del Vino (battle of the wine), is quite simply put…Crazy! According to
tradition, Haro had to reclaim its control of the area every year by raising
the town’s flag above the tiny chapel at the top of the cliff. Eventually
pilgrims who were to carry out this ritual, started feasting, drinking and
well…the rest is history as they say!

Combatants make their way the 6kms out of town to the location by foot, bike, horse, tractor, car, scooter, motorcycle, donkey or via the council provided free bus transfers which take you most of the way to the Cliffs of Bilibio. For this insane battle the weapon of choice is vino (wine) and there is no quarter asked and no mercy given once in the thick of the action. Armed with water pistols, buckets, crop sprayers, water bombs, jugs, backpacks, bottles and every other imaginable vessel that can hold liquid the crowd gleefully covers each other in red wine from head to toe.

wine fight crowd

The tradition of San Vino
dictates that everyone wears white clothing adorned with red sashes and scarves
and it’s pretty much guaranteed that by the end of the Wine Fight that there
won’t be any part of your clothing that’s not stained irreversibly red. Young
children can be seen attacking adults and grandparents can be seen dumping
buckets of red wine on very young children. There is no mercy.
Tourists are easily identifiable and simple cannon fodder for the locals and
are guaranteed to be soaked. This Wine Fight is bacchanalia at its core
and the wine god Bacchus himself would be proud to witness this ridiculous,
superfluous but totally energising and invigorating event.

Most tourists attending the Wine Fight
stay at the nearby campsite which is in a brilliant position just outside the
towns centre. An added advantage of staying at the campsite is that the local
buses also depart for the Wine Fight from the campsite, so it makes an ideal
base for tourists to locate themselves.

For loads more information on the event including accommodation
options and advice on how to prepare check out https://sites.google.com/view/winefight

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Are Sennheiser Headphones Really Better Than Bose?

Are Sennheiser Headphones Really Better Than Bose?

There is a tussle at the top of the headphone market as Sennheiser
and Bose battle to become market leader as we kick off 2019. Sennheiser and
Bose offer truly excellent headphone products that offer a revolutionary sound experience
that other brands of headphone cannot seem to come close to matching, so we
thought we would take a look at both brands latest models to see what we like
and don’t like about each.

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headphones

These Sennheiser
headphones make use of the latest Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology for listening
to music on the go, without any leads. The headphones themselves are
ergonomically designed and lightweight, and even after prolonged usage, the
headphones are comfortable to wear.

For portability,
the headset can be folded up which makes it perfect for travellers who like to
listen to music on the go.

The headphones are
fitted with adaptive noise cancellation technology. We tried the headphones out
on a flight, and we loved the noise cancellation, thanks to the Impedance:Active
490 Ohm/ Passive 46 Ohm noise cancellation system.

It is possible to
control the PXC 550 headphones using voice prompts. Of course, you can also
control them using touch as well if you prefer. We found that NFC pairing was
simple and straight forward.

For phone calls,
the headphones make use of triple microphone array technology which provides
excellent clear calls.

The PXC 550 headphones
from Sennheiser are able to work with “CapTune”. This is the company’s new premium
music player and sound tuning app, so you can adapt the music to exactly how
you want it.

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones

The latest Bose headphones to hit the market are the QuietComfort
35 (Series II) line. What makes these headphones unique is that they are able
to offer three levels of world-class noise cancellation technology. This makes
them perfect if you want no interruptions while listening and this also makes
them great for travelling.

We loved the way that these headphones were Alexa-enabled,
allowing you to play your favourite music using voice commands. For phone
calls, the QuietComfort 35 headphones use a noise-rejecting dual-microphone
system, which makes your voice transmit to the receiver without any background
noise. You will certainly notice the difference!

In terms of Bluetooth pairing, this is easy to do. When you
switch the headphones on, it will set this up automatically, so there is no
fiddling around with the headphones themselves to try and pair them with your

On balance, no matter what headphones you buy, you will love
the quality of the sound. For portability, I would recommend Sennheiser. For noise
cancellation, make sure you go with the Bose headphones.

For more information on the latest headphones, check out http://www.portable.technology/.

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