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Fixing the Android market on my styleflying t72 gpad g10

When the android tablets are mass produced, I think all of them are given the same android id so I think google is blocking them and that is why you get downloads stuck at “starting download”. Also, random notifications popup saying download of such and such app was unsuccessful when you havent even tried to download that app. So we need to change our androidid. Either get one from another phone you are using or create one from an emulator. The problem with using your phone id is that the same app downloaded on your slate is downloaded to your phone. I used the id from my HTC Hero.

Here’s what I did (directions from slatedroid.com):

1. connect the Hero using adb
2. Type:
adb shell
sqlite3 /data/data/com.google.android.googleapps/databases/gls.db "select * from meta";

3. write down this androidid somewhere!
4. connect gpad with adb
5. Type:
adb shell
sqlite3 /data/data/com.google.android.googleapps/databases/gls.db "update meta set intvalue=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX where name='androidId'";

(obviously replace XXX’s with your id)
6. restart and enjoy market!

Finally got my Styleflying T72 GPAD w/ aluminum back cover

After waiting for nearly 5 weeks, I finally got to test out my new Gpad G10, aka Haipad, aka iRobot, aka Moonse E7002, aka aPad, aka pandawill, aka HSG-X5a. I ordered this device from House of Dap and including shipping and case, it cost $172.

First things first:
The main reason I picked this pad over the other is because of the metallic shell and the look and feel of an iPad. I also wanted atleast Android OS 2.1 so I can test and debug my live wallpapers. The specs for this beast include:
* Processor: Telechips TCC8902 720mHz
* Screen 7” TFT Touch Screen, 800×480 Dots
* RAM : 256MB DDR
* Internal memory: 4GB
* Power: 3500mAh
* Built-in Camera
* G-sensor
* Wifi
* Operating System : Android 2.1

First impressions:
Upon first glance, I was disappointed with the build quality of the tablet. The aluminum backing was not as smooth as the ipad back and behind the front plastics seems to be a flimsy black tape holding down the LCD. It just does not give it a professional look.

Turning it on:
When I turned it on, there were 3 droids on a metallic spaceship like surface as the boot screen which looked cool. But then, everything else in terms of usability was a disappointment:
-The market worked for a few minutes and paused on downloading.
-Orientation did not work properly for a few apps.
-Some 3D games like angry birds had texture loading problems.
-Only one USB worked and the other was only for USB debugging (no charging mode)
-Pressing middle button puts the gpad to sleep and not home (like ipad)
-Side buttons (which you would assume are for volume) are for menu and go back.
-Not rooted properly.
-Touch panel is not like iPad (which is obvious because it is resistive)

Most of these problems were not a big deal. I eventually managed to fix most of these problems but the most important ones for me were to Fix root on my gpad, Fix market on my gpad and set up adhoc wifi on my Styleflying T72. YES! You read right…. After hours of work, I figured out how to adhoc on my GPAD! Now I can surf the web at work.

Final thoughts:
Overall, the Styleflying GPAD G10 is a snappy device after performing some hacks and tweaks. Eventually, the goal is to get a samsung galaxy tab but for those of you who cant shell out $600 plus cash, this sub-$200 tab will suffice for now.