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My Video Talk and Al Krauza scam!

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

I’ve been recently trying to change my career into the Tech field and have been sending out resumes. This one company somehow got a hold of my resume; MyVideoTalk.

I was contacted by Angela Owen about how they are looking for a manager to be in charge of marketing all over the Texas area and I was the right candidate. HAH! (Okay, But I’ll listen to what you have to offer me.) She said she would set up a meeting with Al Krauza who is some top guy in the company and I agreed. The first thing I did, obviously, was search up AlKrauza and

MyVideoTalk is a Multi Level Marketing scheme which is like a pyramid scheme. You have to sucker people into buying a BS product (or hiring them) and you make commissions off of them and you get a percentage off their sales (if they are successful). They even paid ezinearticles to publish an article praising their product and company. Ezinearticles is also a bunch of BS. Al Krauza was responsible for starting several of these mlm companies like bizcalling and adcalls and flaking after taking his money.

Angela called me a few days later and set up a conference with Al Krauza who tried to “hire” me. I asked him what the salary would be and he said its ‘strictly commission’ (Red flag no. 1). Then I tried to argue with him that he should atleast have some base pay with commission and he replied that his product is sooo good that my commission checks will be in the ten thousands per month and it would make no sense to pay an additional salary. Ok, Fine! Then I asked him how this works and he said I have to buy the product itself for $399 and $49 per month after that to be able to sell it (Red Flag no. 2). I asked: “Why don’t you just give me the product for free and when I make that in commissions, just cut that from my check?” LOL. I don’t recall what he said.

During the conversation I also brought up bizcalling and adcalls and Jim Ferras (his partner in crime) and he mentioned that it was still running but he moved on and when I mentioned to him how many people got burned in that scam, he changed the subject. I respectfully declined his “job offer” and he wished me good luck.

Is my video talk a scam? You decide.