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Upgraded JesusFreke 1.5 cupcake to CyanogenMod 1.6 Donut

Once I knew what I was doing, everything was simple.
Here are the steps for the G1:

1. Update recovery image (Optional but recommended)

a. download the cyanogenmod recovery image and place it in your SDcard.

b. open up terminal and type
mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
cd /sdcard
flash_image recovery /sdcard/cm-recovery-1.4.img
cat cm-recovery-1.4.img > /system/recovery.img

2. Update cupcake to donut

a. download the 1.6 image here and place it in the sdcard

b. download the mod image here and place it in the sdcard

c. turn off phone

d. boot into recovery mode by pressing home + power

e. from the recovery menu you can select nandroid to backup for safety (optional)

f. alt+ w to wipe (optional)

g. alt + a to apply, first select the 1.6 image and let it complete

h. Do not restart!

i. alt + a to apply, select the cyanogemod image and let it complete

j. reboot

Free VOIP calls with my Android G1 and wifi, google voice and gizmo5

I am so happy, I canceled my T-mobile contract and now I use my G1 to make free VOIP calls using gizmo5 and google voice. I have a wireless connection while I’m at home and at work so thats like 90% of my day. At times when I don’t have a connection, the phone calls get forwarded to my prepaid t-mobile card which is good for 1 year. I paid $100 for it for 1000 minutes.

Things needed before you get started:
1. Sign up for a google voice account and set it up. You can purchase an invite from ioffer.com for like $2.
2. Gizmo5 account. you need to download the desktop client and register. Once you have your sip number (something like 747*******), write it down.
3. SIPdroid app for android
4. Unofficial GV app for android
5. Optional: prepaid sim card

Log in to your google voice account and under settings you can add a phone where you would like your GV number to forward to. Make sure you select type “gizmo” and add the 747 sip number. GV will ask to verify the number so you have to make sure you are signed into your gizmo.

On your android, open sipdroid and enter your account settings.
the server is proxy01.sipphone.com
port is 5060
protocol: UDP is better
You will get a green dot when connected.

Open the GV app (make sure its the unofficial one) and enter your account settings. select calling method as ‘call back’. call back number is your sip number. enter it and enter your pin.
* If you choose the ‘dial out’ method, you will need credits to place a call with gizmo5. the ‘call back’ method tells google voice to dial your number and then once connected with you, call the other number. (This is better because incoming calls are free)

Now you can make and receive calls free while your on Wifi or 3g. In case you want your offline calls forwarded to your prepaid phone, you can select call hunting feature in your gizmo5 account settings.


How to get MMS picture messaging working on a T-mobile G1, Android without the data plan

T-mobile reps almost convinced me that there would be no way to get my picture messaging working on my g1 without the data plan. I turned off the data plan as soon as I set it up upon arrival. According the the T-mobile reps, I can’t even place or receive calls without the data plan. (Either they say anything to get you to buy the plan or they’re just dumb useless fellows, the latter being more accurate based on experience.)

So after doing some yahooing and alot of futsin around, I finally managed to get my MMS working by changing the settings. Here’s what to do:

Menu -> Settings -> Wireless Controls -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> T-Mobile US

Make sure you go into T-mobile US and not any other setting and change the name like I did, don’t even create a new one. It took me 2 months to figure out what I did wrong.

Change the settings to the following:
Name: T-Mobile US
APN: wap.voicestream.com
port: 8080
Username: not set (delete everything in this field)
Password: not set (delete all here too)
Server: not set (delete the *)
MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 8080
MMC: 310
MNC: 260
APN type: not set

Restart your phone. Now your MMS should work. If you have the 5.99 t-zones, I think your internet will work too. (UPDATE- it does work. check here)


1. If you’re having trouble still, go into mobile networks and enable ‘data roaming’ and ‘use only 2G’

2. Make sure your connecting to T-mobile US
-to do this go to the marketplace and download ‘any cut’
-open any cut and click create shortcut
-goto activity and select ‘testing’
-you should have a shortcut on your desktop that says testing, unless your desktop was full.
-click testing -> goto phone info -> this should tell you what connection you are connecting/connected to.
-For some reason if you are not using T-mobile US, change the settings for the appropriate one.
-If phone info shows you are not connected, hit menu and click on more and click enable data.
-now data should be connected.

sorry guys, I haven’t been keeping up with this topic. Honestly, I don’t ever receive MMS. And If its that important, you can add on the $25 package once every few days, download all your mms the same day and take it off.

G1 mirror screen protector

UPDATE*- These settings work for iPhone on T-mobile, maybe they might work on the Android:

APN: web.omwtoday.com
(no user name, no password)

APN: web.omwtoday.com
(no user name, no password)
MMSC: http://wirelessfour.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc
MMS Proxy:
Max msg size: 1058576