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FreeNX, NXserver, NeatX and more NX problems

After upgrading to Lucid, I noticed I was having problems with nxserver. I couldn’t lock my screen from work anymore. I tried everything under the sun but I still kept getting the “Error: couldn’t find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig” message with glxinfo in my forwarded screen. glxinfo works fine when at the computer itself. I read that X11 forwarding has had some problems with this recently. I uninstalled nxserver and reinstalled the latest version. no luck. It made it worse and now I couldn’t even get CAPS lock to work on the remote screen. Then I found neatx. Neatx is google’s version of nxserver and which is based on nxserver. My first thoughts on neatx were that is looks the same as nxserver but a little slower. My keyboard and mouse, however, function properly but still no lock screen or screen saver. My next option: Try KDE. I installed KDE but still got the glxinfo error. Screen lock worked though! Waiting for a fix on X11 forwarding with ssh, in the mean while, I keep KDE.